A Simple Guide to Monthly Fire Suppression Inspections for Business Owners

Ensuring the safety of a space is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to fire extinguishing systems. Regular checks and inspections play a vital role in keeping these systems in proper working condition. In this blog post, we will break down the requirements for monthly owner’s inspections in simple terms, focusing on the key points that need attention.

Monthly Inspection Checklist:
  1. Location Check: Verify that the extinguishing system is in its designated location.
  2. Actuators Accessibility: Ensure that manual actuators are unobstructed and easily accessible.
  3. Tamper Indicators and Seals: Check if tamper indicators and seals are intact, ensuring the system hasn’t been tampered with.
  4. Maintenance Tag or Certificate: Confirm the presence of the maintenance tag or certificate.
  5. Physical Condition: Look for any obvious physical damage or conditions that might hinder the system’s operation.
  6. Pressure Gauge Inspection: Physically or electronically inspect the pressure gauge(s) to ensure they are within the operable range.
  7. Nozzle Blowoff Caps: Verify that nozzle blowoff caps, if provided, are intact and undamaged.
  8. Hazard Assessment: Confirm that the protected equipment and the hazard have not changed, including any replacements, modifications, or relocations.
Immediate Corrective Action:

If any deficiencies are found during the inspection, it is crucial to take appropriate corrective action immediately. Maintenance tasks should be handled by a qualified service technician.


Personnel conducting inspections must maintain records for extinguishing systems that require corrective actions. These records should include the date of inspection and the initials of the person performing the check.

Monthly Record Retention:

Records must be retained on a monthly basis, noting the date of inspection and the inspector’s initials. These records should be kept until the next semi-annual maintenance inspection.

Monthly inspections are a proactive approach to ensuring the effectiveness of fire extinguishing systems. By adhering to a simple checklist and promptly addressing any issues discovered, property owners can contribute to creating a safer environment. Regular inspections, quick corrective actions, and diligent record-keeping collectively play a crucial role in maintaining the reliability of fire protection systems.

Monthly Inspections Fire Supression System

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